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Student Housing Difficulties

Student Housing challenges are not unique to South Africa.

It has been common place for scholars and education managers to talk about globalisation of higher education, yet provision of student housing for the growing number students at institutions remains contentious.

The student housing shortage and increases in property prices have made access to affordable student housing increasingly out of reach.   This challenge is not unique to South Africa.

  • UK student across the country are being forced to share single bedrooms in oversubscribed university accommodation due to shortage rooms in Lancaster University
  • International student has been struggling to get accommodation in Sweden
  • In London the cost of land is too high to address the crisis in student accommodation in an affordable manner
  • Lack of student housing in Sydney (Australia) threatens university enrolments

Accommodation remains a difficult issue for all students and threatens to undermine the quality of higher education.  The situation could improve if affordable student housing, aimed at providing safe and secure housing within practical proximity to the institution.

“In this regard property investment opportunities arise” 

The South African Government is making efforts to address the needs for student housing infrastructure and is looking to attract private sector to enter into public private partnerships to help eradicate the backlog. Student Housing still has Potential as an asset class given the country demand in this respect.



Dorothy Rampora


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